Bonnie North for Rockingham Selectboard 2021

Your vote is your voice!

Vote for Bonnie North

Cast your vote for Rockingham Selectboard (3 year seat) anytime 8am-7pm on Tuesday, March 2nd at the Masonic Temple, 66 Westminster Street in Bellow Falls.

You can register to vote any time before the election or at the polls election day. If you'd like an absentee ballot or have any questions, please call the Town Clerk's office at 463-4336 ext. 1102 or email

Come to Town Meeting

Join your neighbors starting 7pm Monday, March 1st at the Opera House, 7 Square in Bellows Falls and on Zoom.

Let's bring real progress to Rockingham!

We can succeed by working together

Restore civility, mutual respect, and cooperation between all elected officials and, most importantly, with town staff.

Buying local builds our community

Whenever feasible, goods and services should be contracted locally, keeping our taxpayers' dollars circulating right here in our own town!

Home ownership adds value to the Grand List

Let's use every available tool to promote home ownership for our residents at all income levels. Coordinate the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Department of Economic Development to spark initiatives to incentify home ownership.

Blighted properties devalue our town

Blighted properties and rental housing ordinances are important first steps. Consistent enforcement comes next.

Maintaining infrastructure protects investments

Decently maintain our roads and sidewalks in ALL of Rockingham, including the more rural areas that too often are ignored.

We can attract visitors in a post-pandemic world

Tourist dollars will bring a renewed vibrance to our economy. Town-owned recreation facilities can align with local business and non-profits to develop innovative programs for our residents that will also attract visitors and tourists.

We need a strong voice on the important matters

Let's engage more with the Windham Regional Commission and the State Legislature to articulate the challenges facing our community. Grants for infrastructure maintenance, historic preservation, brownfield cleanup, and community development move from the top down: Federal to State, State to Region, Region to Town.

Help me steer Rockingham towards a brighter future!

About me

I purchased my home and moved to Bellows Falls in 2010. Since then, I've served as chair of the Rockingham Planning Commission, treasurer of the Bellows Falls Historical Society, president of the Bellows Falls Community Bike Project, president of Rockingham for Progress, and treasurer of the River Artisans Cooperative, among other positions.

Currently, I serve as Rockingham's representative on the Community Development Committee, the Project Review Committee, and the Brownfields Committee within the Windham Regional Commission.

I am a working silversmith and a semi-retired publisher, editor and web designer. I redesigned the Rockingham/Bellows Falls website last year. If there is support for it, I will gladly volunteer to create a marketing site to promote our beautiful town and charming villages as the exciting tourist destinations they could be.

Please also support Rick Cowan and Elijah Zimmer!